This year, significant pieces of our new vision for Chaguaramas will fall into place. The Master Plan brings clarity to our mission for the development of Chaguaramas and outlines our developmental strategy to improve the quality of life for nearby communities, provide opportunities for businesses and ensure protection of the environment for future generations.

Dialogue with our strategic partners is important to us not only for the value it brings, but because we strongly believe that true development cannot occur without the support and participation of our local communities. We have not only looked towards our neighbouring communities for solutions to the challenges we face in delivering sustainable development to the people, but we also have our communities in mind when we look at development. Indeed, many of the opportunities for entrepreneurship and investment from small businesses into Chaguaramas will come from the villages and the people living on the peninsula.

No stakeholder must be left out of this important conversation and we invite you review the plan and to submit your comments or feedback to us for consideration. Your comments will be kept confidential. If you wish to receive a direct response, you are welcome to include your name and email.

Following a review process, we will publically post responses below.

CDA Master Plan

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