Welcome Remarks

The Opening of the Chaguaramas Boardwalk Phase 2
Joycelin Hargreaves, Chief Executive Officer

The Honourable Kamla Persad-Bissessar, Prime Minister of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago; Senator Dr the Honourable Bhoendradatt Tewarie, Minister of Planning and Sustainable Development and other esteemed Government Ministers; Ms Arlene Mc Comie, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Planning and Sustainable Development; Mr Clint Ramcharan, Ag Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Planning and Sustainable Development and other Ministry offiials and representatives; Mr Daniel Solomon, Chairman, Chaguaramas Development Authority, other Board members, executives and staff of team CDA;Stakeholders, tenants, specially invited guests; Members of the Media; Ladies and Gentlemen – Good Evening.

Welcome to the official opening of the Boardwalk Phase 2. At some point in time, we would have had the experience of looking forward to a particular destination or juncture in our lives.  In preparation for motherhood we go through a journey of learning new things about our changing roles and in the process experience some measure of discomfort and anxiety, expectation. We go through signficant changes of development physically and emotionally and then there is the unspeakable pride and  joy of becoming a parent.  

The vision and the manifestation of it all, such as we see around us this evening mirrors in another way that very experience.  It is the result of dreams with the courage to be realized.  It is the victory of great ideas, careful planning and self belief.  It is the deep understanding that nothing great comes without the pain of labour and resistance from forces that test your mettle and strength of character.  

This year has been a crucial turning point to the family of CDA.   The last 12 months  of bringing this boardwalk to life was a period of growth, development, trials, some measure of discomfort, anxiety, bonding, early mornings and late nights, expectation, and, as a corporate family, we have been able to embrace these experiences to now enjoy this boardwalk with you.

Right now, you are seeing the benefits of  team work and further along in the programme you will also experience the impact of our work in our nearby communities, investors and by extension the people of Trinidad and Tobago. Our pace as facilitator of development has quickened.  The opening of the Boardwalk Phase 2 goes beyond mortar and brick, design, drawings,  BOQ’s, reports, but rather is the culmination of more than three years of dedication, hard work and support from all our staff, stakeholders and investors who have shared our vision of what the future can be for Chaguaramas.

Like any good solid family, we think about the next generation and so our vision speaks to a better, safer, more advanced Chaguaramas in terms of technology and overall management of the environment as we continue to achieve important milestones by creating a new corporate culture and levelling the playing field for business and 1st world development in Chaguaramas.

Ladies and gentlemen, over the past three years we have been preparing for our new role as a premier land development, business facilitation agency. We have taken steps to acquire the new skill-sets needed to manage a world class, integrated  park and to reorganize ourselves to embrace international best practices. These are the  priority areas as we deliver quality customer service that is more responsive and knowledgeable about the needs and demands of our investors, entrepreneurs, visitors and other stakeholders.

Chaguaramas has a place for everyone and we are passionately working on creating a model for development that will set the standard for achievement, balanced growth and success.  We intend to be the preferred destination for recreation, entertainment and commerce, a model agency for the Government of Trinidad and Tobago.

In closing, we believe there is a myriad of opportunities in Chaguaramas.  As we move toward realizing our fullest potential we are committed to embracing all ideas with every stakeholder holding true to the adage that nothing is impossible to take flight yet always grounded to the values that everthing we do must be done responsibly -  environmentally, socially and economically.

This will ensure that balanced development can move forward in a planned way for the benefit of all.

I know this….. the legacy we owe those future generations is paramount.  It is my belief that you will share a similar  pride when you stroll through the boardwalk this evening.  

Ladies and Gentlemen relax and enjoy what the CDA family has prepared for you.

Thank you.

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