Heritage Park

Chaguaramas is not only blessed with rich flora and fauna, it is an area with extraordinary natural treasures, such as the Gasparee Cave, the Saltpond, and more!

Chaguaramas Heritage Park is the closest part of the island of Trinidad to South America; it is a diverse and mountainous peninsula whose forests and valleys echo the same sounds as its neighbor.

In the forest, you’ll hear the bellows of the Red Howler monkey and the cries of the Capuchin monkeys. You may see wild hogs, giant iguanas and silky anteaters meandering along a trail and a caiman sunning itself in the water. Looking up, you are sure to spot the specks of soaring hawks and clever sea birds. The lucky one will see the elusive ocelot as it ghosts through the trees.

Birds, butterflies and insects of extraordinary design abound. Lush forests of bewildering complexity climb dramatic peaks offering exceptional views across green valleys, ravishing coastlines and the Gulf of Paria.

The CDA fully recognizes the high natural amenity and social value of the Chaguaramas Heritage Park to the country. The underlying philosophy of the Redevelopment Plan is that the Chaguaramas area, including the entire peninsula and offshore islands, should be developed and managed sustainably with other compatible forms of development and economic activity under the umbrella of the Heritage Park. The CDA has incorporated this philosophy into all of its redevelopment projects.

Park Information     

Bellerand Recreational Park

The first of its kind in Trinidad and Tobago, this park was conceptualized by the Chaguaramas Heritage Park Department of the Chaguaramas Development Authority.

Conveniently located just off the Macqueripe Road, the park is surrounded by various areas offering recreational activities such as golfing, swimming and is a 'stone's throw' away from the Magnificent Edith Falls.


Facilities include:

- A giant size checkerboard

- Hopscotch and marbles

- Multipurpose Play Park with a swing bridge, swing tire, climbers and slide

- Four (4) Picnic Tables and Benches

- Bleacher for approximately 150 spectators

- A covered area

- Toilet Facilities

- Parking accommodation for Twenty-Five (25) vehicles

- Hiking, biking and running                                                                                          


Samaan Park

Once part of the Huggins Plantation, Samaan Park is littered with majestic, mushroom-like trees that have stood for over 200 years.

Conveniently located just off the Macqueripe Road, the park offers a peaceful space to simply sit back and relax.

Facilities Include:

- Two large Samaan Trees

- Picnic tables

- Car park

- Biking, running and jogging

- Human size checker board

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