Vision, Mission and Core Values

Our Vision

To be the premier provider of the ultimate customer experience in a world-class, ecotourism destination, business and entertainment centre.

This Vision speaks to where CDA sees itself in the future as a first-class provider of customer service by providing a wide array of product offerings to a wide market segment.

Our Mission
To provide exceptional customer experience through eco-friendly business, recreational facilities & services; utilizing a sustainable business model built on good governance, continuous learning, and employee development.

We intend to achieve the vision by facilitating eco-friendly business, recreational facilities, and services. This will be achieved using a sustainable business model that is transparent and based on sound business practices and ethics. Our operations will be conducted in a learning environment that facilitates employee development.

Our Core Values
The establishment of core values governs CDA’s operations and relationships in the conduct of its business. These Core Values lead to a highly functional organisation in terms of its corporate culture, work ethic and the building of strong relationships with its stakeholders.

They will guide all employees in the conduct of business and day to day dealings with each other and stakeholders. These core values which govern our activities and decisions;

Service Excellence: Going the extra mile
Professionalism: The Character of employees
Team Work: Creating synergies
Respect: For each other’s ideals & feelings
Innovation: Creative thinking
Leadership & Inspiration: Inspiring positive change & leading from front
Responsible Governance: Transparency & Accountability